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View of the new fireplace

View of the new fireplace


With a focus on enhancing the resident experience, Alfonsina Romero's design for Grampian Hills has breathed new life into the public areas of this multi-family residential complex.

One notable feature of the redesign is the creation of a stunning fireplace wall with cove lighting, replacing the former media unit and adding a touch of warmth and ambiance. The fireplace wall drops from the existing ceiling soffits, and becomes a captivating focal point. To further elevate the aesthetics, the former pendants have been replaced with inset wooden planks and recessed lights, creating a seamless and modern lighting solution.

The incorporation of new frosted glass doors, allows natural light to flood into the newly designed fitness room, creating an energizing environment for residents. The removal of the wall separating the kitchen from the great room has made the kitchen an integral part of the communal space with an open layout.

The curated art program that pays homage to Williamsport's rich history. Inspired by the area's rolling hills and its status as the birthplace of Little League baseball, the artwork showcases the spirit and cultural significance of the community.

The design scope included the following areas:  the great room/lounge, kitchen, restrooms, fitness room, and sales offices. Through a careful blend of functionality, aesthetics the redesigned public areas at Grampian Hills offer a renewed sense of community, comfort, and style.

Completed: March 2023

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