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Located in Orlando, Florida, a culinary destination of Latin cuisine with a twist of Dominican flavors emerges. Re-designed by Alfonsina R. Waters, this restaurant's interior design takes inspiration from the art galleries and bustling nightlife of SoHo. The conceptual phase of the project showcases a space that immerses guests in a surreal art experience. As you step inside, your eyes are drawn to the welcoming green velvet circular banquets, inviting you to relax and indulge. The bar area, a seamless transformation that retained existing elements,has a stunning green stone countertop that adds an element of urban luxury. The ceiling above the bar captures attention with its brass-colored mylar wall covering. The entrance makes a bold statement, enveloping visitors with oversized floral wall coverings that stretch across the ceiling. This warm space fulfills the client's desire for a place where people can come for exceptional food and stay for the captivating atmosphere. 

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