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ARNY Designed Aura Cocina Opens in East Williamsburg

Joining “The Breeze” development, Cuban-Asian fusion restaurant Aura Cocina & Bar opens next month and will feature an interior design concept by Alfonsina Romero Design of 1950’s Havana meets modern industrial Brooklyn.

The ARNY designed restaurant was inspired by its artful Meserole Street surroundings and the history of the building it lives in. Many of the existing industrial features were kept in the final design, such as the concrete flooring and exposed wooden ceiling beams. Walls were finished in a sparkling limewash and gold leaf accents. A Havana- inspired distressed mint green plaster wall connects the bar back wall to the restroom corridor, inviting an outdoor feel.

Alfonsina designed the space to have an airy, lived in feel with details that appear to have been there - from the special paint finishes to the custom closet at the entrance. In keeping with “old meets new”, the central lounge features a custom cut circular marble mosaic embedded into charcoal colored grout, as if it were uncovered from beneath the cement flooring.

A variety of seating defines the areas, and a set of circular custom sofas provide stage-front intimate seating. Smooth white curved oversized soffits along the perimeter conceal pipes, and provide a refined look to the uplit, original exposed wooden beam ceilings. A vertical living garden cleans the air and brings some tropical nature inside.

With elements of an industrial Brooklyn as highlights, including artful murals, an appreciation for the custom and handmade, the old-world Havana inspiration and design provide a guest experience of timelessness and architectural permanency.



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